Meet our Staff

12660351_10153848318959799_359642692_nSophie L. Vériter

Sophie is a Franco-Belgian third-year student in International Affairs at Vesalius College. She is deeply interested in peace and security studies, European foreign policy, and the Middle East. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish. Sophie has previously studied Law in Madrid and Brussels, and has worked as an intern in the Peace and Security Section of the Global Governance Institute (GGI) . Sophie enjoys cooking, hosting dinners, running, and playing the piano.

Magalie Bemba TeixeiraUntitled

Magalie is a third-year student in International Affairs at Vesalius College who was born and raised in Belgium but has origins from the DRC and Brazil. She is profoundly interested in International development, human rights issues, and state fragility. Magalie is seeking to continue her studies in crisis management and mediation. She loves reading, travelling and volunteering (she is currently the head of the Volunteer group at Vesalius College). Magalie also enjoys going to the gym and to Church.

1UntitledAntonia Rechberg
Vice-President/Press Monitor

Antonia is from Germany, she is currently a third-year student at Vesalius College majoring in International Affairs and also doing an internship at the Laffineur Law Firm, specialized in International and European Law. She is interested in politics, humanitarian aid, international law, international cooperation and the role of the international community in International and European law. Antonia loves travelling, literature and after graduating she plans on volunteering with an organisation which helps housing and integrating refugees in Berlin.

2UntitledIngrid Silalahi
Secretary in chief

Ingrid is a third-year International Affairs student at Vesalius College. She is profoundly interested in social development, cultural anthropology and South-East Asian politics. Ingrid was born in Jakarta, Indonesia but has lived in Mexico, South Africa and Indonesia. She loves travelling, singing and playing the ukulele.

3UntitledBora Kamwanya
Public relations officer for networking and events

Bora was born in Kinshasa, DRC and has been living in Belgium for the past 12 years. He is athird-year International Affairs student at Vesalius College and at the same time he is secretary general of a NGO he created called Wajibu-Creating opportunities. Bora is interested in political science, diplomacy, cultural mediation, education and development in Africa. He is a big fan of FC Barcelona and is a very curious individual who loves learning from other cultures. Bora is an avid football player and the head of the sport association at Vesalius College, he also enjoys cooking and reading.

Dalil Djinnit
Public relations for strategic communication

Dalil is a third-year student in International Affairs at Vesalius College, Brussels. He is profoundly interested in foreign policy, trade/development policy and history. Dalil is from a multicultural background and has the ambition to contribute to the betterment of the African continent. He is an avid traveller and loves discovering new cultures. Dalil enjoys intellectually stimulating conversations and playing basketball for the Vesalius sport association. 

12665901_10153915763369513_849098202_nPaul Grossman

Paul is a third-year student at Vesalius College majoring in International Affairs. He is interested in world history, global politics, filmmaking and writing. Paul values positive energy and he tries his best to project that in the work he does. His hobbies range from writing, photography, cinema, listening and making music.

Alice Stelmach12699034_10153854598119799_566056283_o.jpg
Social media manager

Alice is a third-year International Affairs student at Vesalius College, she is deeply interested in International law. She is originally Polish but was raised in Denmark, and enjoys fencing.